Demo mode.. And the walls and wallpaper all comes off!

About 90% of the home had wall papered walls or paneled walls.  All of this needed to be stripped off if we were to expose the original plaster walls.  

Wallpaper removal process: This painstakingly task requires a lot of work and just a few tools: wall paper stripper, wall paper steamer, wall paper scorer, sponges and paint scraper tools.  The best technique is to score the walls with a wall paper scorer, then sponge the walls with wall paper stripper.  Try pealing with your fingers if any panels come off easily... For all the harder spots you will need to use the steamer and paint scrapers to scrape out sections.  I'd recommend scraping small areas a couple feet x couple feet at a time.  Once the wallpaper dries from the wall paper remover, it'll adhere right back to its original state.  If you want to save a little on supplies, I heard a water and vinegar solution also does the trick! 

Photos below:  Below are some photos of a couple bedrooms in process of being stripped.   Now just imagine, we needed to do this to all 4 bedrooms plus the living rooms and dining room!  Wow did we have a lot of work in store for us!!  HELP!!!