Exterior painting begins...

We hired a couple local painters in the neighborhood.  One advice we can give to other homeowners is to do a TEST paint before painting your entire house!  This seems like a no brainer but we weren't advised to do so and didn't even think about it.  Oh the rush of wanting to have everything done FAST! lol

A local neighbor, John, drove by our house and told us our house was baby blue!  We were mortified and didn't know what to do.. We called the painters and after multiple conversations we were advised that it was just the primer....  What a relief!!!  But lesson learned, duly noted, and mental note to self etched in!!

Here is a photo of the primer with just one coat of paint, be sure they use a primer first and 2 coats of paint to the exterior!  We chose a matte finish to give it a more authentic, vintaged look.