Gabriel's Cafe- A hidden gem of local / organic foods

We just had lunch with Frank, our local Realtor in the Hudson Valley, at Gabriel's Cafe.  They just moved into their new spot in uptown Kingston.

Anyways Gabriel's has the best Arepas and Empanadas in town!  All their ingredients are fresh, organic, and they even have vegetarian/vegan options!!

Gabriel's Cafe also shares their space with a little Asian Grocier  (the only Asian store I've seen in Kingston so far! So if you're looking for Asian condiments/Kim Chee/rice, this is your spot).

For more options of where to dine and eat in Uptown Kingston and the Hudson Valley area, see our website for more at:!activities/c1a4e

A couple photos of the food we just had there, mmm so tasty!!

316 Wall Street
Kingtson, NY