Black Creek Preserve / Kingston NY (The Saint James NY)

The start of Spring!

Last weekend we took a hike at Black Creek Preserve.  It's so close to our home, The Saint James NY-about a 10 minute drive.

What an amazing hike and view of the Hudson.  It's probably our favorite and most memorable hike to date...  We saw blueback herrings in the creek, apparently they journey from the ocean to deposit their eggs in the Black Creek.  You start off by crossing an amazing wooden suspension bridge, and the first part of the hike is the most grueling with a fairly steep hiking experience... Then after that it's an easy hike of another mile and a half (total hike is about 2 miles).

You'll also pass some vernal pools that house many amphibians from frogs, turtles, shrimp and salamanders.  These temporary pools house food for many of the wildlife in the forest but also boasts new off springs of the amphibians as well.

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