Landscaping The Saint James, NY

For the past two weekends we have been actively working on our gardens and flower beds.  Wow is that exhausting and hard work.

We ordered some trees from one our favorite local joints, Adams, in Kingston NY.  The shipping fees are so reasonable, basically $35 for a bunch of our trees.

Can you believe there was not a single tree/shrub on our property before?  Now we're at about 60 trees plus shrubs/rose bushes etc...

Our man made water pond with fish:

We scored these amazing cast iron urns at George Cole Auctions the other weekend, it just puts that final cherry on top of our property! 

View from the corner of the new flower beds lined with our new Obrien & J&R bricks: 

Finally our works in progress back yard / patio area... Hopefully it will be all done by Memorial day weekend!