The Saint James: Fun in the Sun for Sidney Auerbach

The other weekend we spent some time with the whole Lesser family at the Saint James.  Poppa, aka Grandfather Sid, was planning a trip to NYC to visit Julian and I at our home in July with the rest of our family.  Poppa Sid was there for our closing and saw our home before we had remodeled our home.  His wish was to see it in person and to spend his birthday weekend with his family, he would have been 95 this July.  This post is for our loving grandpa, Sidney Auerbach.  He will be truly missed for his great smile, amazing stories, and loving personality.  I've never known a man so kind, so gentle and with so much spirit and life!  The man drove better than me and he was 94!  This post is for Sid, we will miss you greatly!! XOXO