The Saint James is beautifully landscaped with an eclectic assortment of rose bushes, butterfly plants, fruit trees and flowering trees.  The backyard is an oasis of its own perfect for spring BBQ's and family fun. There's plenty of outdoor seating to the front and back yard.

Patios/entertaining: Sit back and relax on the multiple sitting and entertaining areas in the back yard.  Grill and eat on the newly hand layed blue stone patio, read a book in the shaded river rock patio, have a glass of wine by the English garden boxes, or pull a chair next to the Koi pond and watch and/or feed the fish. The front yard also has multiple sitting areas including benches and sliders to the front yard and a couple rocking chairs to the front porch!  

English garden boxes: These boxes are filled with herbs and veggies during the spring and summer.  If you need a sprig of mint, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary or some tomatoes feel free to pluck from our organic gardens!

Koi pond: Enjoy the living pond in the spring / summer when it's filled with life: Koi fish, Sarasa commets, snails, tadpoles, frogs, water plants and more!  Sit next to this serene eco solar powered pond and listen to nature / the birds and beautiful Woodstock chimes on the property.